P. Sarkisov International Laboratory of
Glass-Based Functional Materials

 D. Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia

Papers published in 2013

1. V.N. Sigaev, N.V. Golubev, E.S. Ignat'eva, B. Champione, D. Vouagner, E. Nardou, R. Lorenzi, A. Paleari. Native amorphous nanoheterogeneity in gallium germanosilicates as a tool for driving Ga2O3 nanocrystal formation in glass for optical devices. Nanoscale, 2013, V. 5(1), P. 299-206.
Impact factor: 5,914

2. S.V. Lotarev, A.S. Lipatiev, N.V. Golubev, E.S. Ignateva, G.E. Malashkevich, A.V. Mudryi, Yu.S. Priseko, A. Paleari, and V.N. Sigaev. Laser-induced nanostructuring of NiO-doped alkali gallium germanosilicate glasses.Optics Letters, 2013, V. 38(4), P. 492-494.
Impact factor: 3,385

3. V. Sigaev, V. Savinkov, S. Lotarev, G. Shakhgildyan, R. Lorenzi, A. Paleari. Spatially selective Au nanoparticle growth in laser-quality glass controlled by UV-induced phosphate-chain cross-linkage. Nanotechnology, 2013, V. 24, P. 225302(1-10).
Impact factor: 3,842

4. P.D. Sarkisov, A. Paleari, V.N. Sigaev, S.V. Lotarev, N.V. Golubev, S.Yu. Stefanovich, B. Champagnon, D. Vouagner, M. Cusi, E. Fargin. Structure of low-silica glasses in the K2O-Nb2O5-SiO2 system. Theoretical foundations of chemical engineering, 2013, V. 47,  1, P. 1-9.

5. H. Vigouroux, E. Fargin, B. Le Garrec, M. Dussauze, V. Rodriguez, F. Adamietz, J. Ravaux, R. Podor, S. Lotarev, V. Sigaev, D. Vouagner, D. De Ligny, B. Champagnon. In situ study of crystallization mechanism in LiNbO3-SiO2 glasses. Physics and Chemistry of Glasses: European journal of Glass science and technology (Part B), 2013, V. 54(2), P. 84-88.
Impact factor: 0,764

6. N.V. Buchilin, E.E. Stroganova, N.Yu. Mikhailenko, P.D. Sarkisov, A. Paleari. Crystallization-controlled pore retention in calcium-phosphate glassceramics from powder sintering of CaOP2O5B2O3Al2O3TiO2ZrO2 glass. Journal of non-crystalline solids, 2013, V. 38(4), P. 492-494.
Impact factor: 1,597

7. G.E. Malashkevich, A.A. Kornienko, E.B. Dunina, V.N. Sigaev, N.V. Golubev, E.Kh. Mamadzhanova, A. Paleari. Oscillator strengths of absorption transitions from the 5 D 0 state in huntite-like EuAl3(BO3)4 polycrystals. Journal of Applied Spectroscopy, 2013, V. 80,  4, P. 536-541.
Impact factor: 0,686

8. V.N. Sigaev. Faculty of the Chemical Technology of Glass and Sitals at 80 years: youth knows maturity can. Glass and Ceramics, 2013, V. 70,  3-4, P. 117-123

9. N.V. Golubev, E.S. Ignateva, R. Lorenzi, A. Paleari, V.N. Sigaev. Broadband luminescence in nanostructured glasses. Glass and Ceramics, 2013, V. 70,  3-4, P. 124-129.

10. S.V. Lotarev, A.S. Lipatev, N.V. Golubev, E.S. Ignateva, G.E. Malashkevich, A.V. Mudryi, Yu.S. Priseko, R. Lorenzi, A. Paleari, V.N. Sigaev. Local crystallization of glasses aided by copper vapor laser. Glass and Ceramics, 2013, V. 70,  3-4, P. 130-134.

11. S.Yu. Stefanovich, V.N. Sigaev, S.V. Lotarev, E.V. Lopatina, A.V. Mosunov, A.G. Segalla, D.P. Chertin. Functional Glass Ceramic Based on Potassium Niobate. Glass and Ceramics, V. 70,  3-4, P. 135-140.

12. G.E. Malashkevich, N.V. Golubev, E.Kh. Mamadzhanova, M.Z. Ziyatdinova, V.N. Sigaev, A.A. Sukhodola, T.G. Khotchenkova, I.V. Prusova, I.I. Sergeev. Oxide glass with minimum distance 0.67 nm between rare-earth activators. Glass and Ceramics, 2013, V. 70,  3-4, P. 141-142.

13. V.I. Savinkov, G.Yu. Shakhgildyan, A. Paleari, V.N. Sigaev. Synthesis of Optically Uniform Glasses Containing Gold Nanoparticles: Spectral and Nonlinear Optical Properties. Glass and Ceramics, 2013, V. 70,  3-4, P. 143-148.

14. L.A. Orlova, A.S. Chainikova, N.V. Popovich, Yu.E. Lebedeva. Composites based on aluminum-silicate glass ceramic with discrete fillers. Glass and Ceramics, 2013, V. 70,  3-4, P. 149-154.

15. N.Yu. Mikhailenko, E.E. Stroganova, N.V. Buchilin. Solubility of Calcium Phosphate Glasses and Glass Ceramic Materials in Water and Physiological Media. Glass and Ceramics, 2013, V. 70,  3-4, P. 158-163.