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Glass-Based Functional Materials

 D. Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia
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Papers published in 2010

1. V.N. Sigaev, V.S. Ryzhenkov, N.V. Golubev, S.V. Lotarev, S.Yu. Stefanovich, A. Okada. Glasses and their crystallization in (1-х)KNbO3-хSiO2 system at low glass-forming oxide content, 0≤х≤0.35. J. Non-Cryst. Solids, 2010, V. 356. P. 958-965.
Impact factor: 1,483

2. V.I. Savinkov, V.N. Sigaev, N.V. Golubev, P.D. Sarkisov, A.V. Masalov, A.P. Sergeev. Borogermanate glasses with a high terbium oxide content. J. Non-Cryst. Solids, 2010, V. 356. P. 1655-1659.
Impact factor: 1,483

3. G.E. Malashkevich, A.V. Danil'chik, V.Z. Zubelevich, E.V. Lutsenko, V.N. Sigaev, N.V. Golubev, E.Kh. Mamadzhanova.Rearrangement of optical centers and stimulated radiation of Eu3+ in polycrystalline huntite under optical and electon-beam exitation.Journal of experimental and theoretical physics letters (JETP letters), 2010, V. 92, № 8. P. 547-552.
Impact factor: 1,557

4. N.V. Golubev, V.I. Savinkov, E.S. Ignat'eva, S.V. Lotarev, P.D. Sarkisov, V.N. Sigaev, L.I. Bulatov, V.M. Mashinskii, V.G. Plotnichenko, E.M. Dianov. Nickel-doped gallium-containing glasses luminescent in the near-infrared spectral range. Glass physics and chemistry, 2010, V. 36, № 6, P. 657-662.

5. V.N. Sigaev, S.V. Lotarev, E.V. Orlova, N.V. Golubev, V.V. Koltashev, V.G. Plotnichenko, G.A. Komandin. Structure of lanthanum-borogermanate glass with stillwellite composition according to vibrational spectroscopy data. Glass and ceramics, 2010, V. 67, № 3-4, P. 105-108.

6. Сысоев В.К., Вартапетов С.К., Вятлев П.А., Малинский Т.В., Сигаев В.Н. Высокоэффективный лазерный перфоратор тонких материалов на основе эксимерного лазера. Online journal "Issledovano v Rossii" (Rus. "Investigated in Russia"), 2010, Т. 059, стр. 689-702. Paper at the journal website

7. V.N. Sigaev, S.V. Lotarev, N.V. Golubev, V.S. Ryzhenkov, G.E. Malashkevich, B. Champagnon, D. Vouagner, Yu.S. Priseko. Non-lunear optical structures in glasses by phase inhomogeneities formation and local crystallization under laser irradiation. International Conference "Optical Techniques and Nano-Tools for Material and Life Sciences" (OTN4MLS-2010). Minsk, Belarus, June 15-19, 2010. Contributed papers. In two volumes. Volume II. Minsk, "Kovcheg". P. 51-59.