P. Sarkisov International Laboratory of
Glass-Based Functional Materials

 D. Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia

Main research lines of the Laboratory in 2010-2012

  • Fundamental studies of the glass structure, modification of short- and intermediate-range order of the structure, study of processes of nucleation of polar phase inhomogeneities and their influence on properties of glasses, development of new glasses with unusual properties, glass-based active dielectrics, methods of fabrication of optical quality glasses in conditions of small-scale meltings, glasses lying outside glass-forming regions etc., commericialisation of new materials
  • Nanostructured glasses for electrooptics and nonlinear optics
  • Glasses with locally crystallized structures for integral optics
  • Magnetooptical glasses
  • Laser glasses for microsized and fiber lasers
  • High-temperature materials for aircraft and space industry
  • Sol-gel coatings
  • Glass-based biomaterials
  • Glass microspheres for nuclear medicine